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Paraglidin’ puts into reality humanity’s dream of individual flight. This gravity-defying experience is best when shared with others! Use to join up with a group of paragliders for a launch, or create your own event to meet new friends!

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Although popular in Europe, paraglidin’ is still gaining traction in the U.S. If you’ve struggled to connect with other paragliders nearby, is the perfect solution. Sign up today and start connecting with others who share your passion!

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Whether you’re looking for the ideal training hill, a new breathtaking view of majestic mountains and valleys, or lush forests and limitless ocean, has got you covered. Explore our comprehensive database of unique launch sites, or add your favorite one to our list!

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That used, but usable paraglidin’ gear taking up valuable real estate in your home could have an exciting new life! Sell your gear, or better yet, donate it to a beginner glider eager to learn the sport. is the place to buy and sell (used only) paraglidin’ equipment.

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